Serena Williams Will Wear a Virgil Abloh-Designed Nike Tutu at the US Open


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“When I first tried on the dress, I felt very strong and feminine at the same time."

GOAT tennis champ Serena Williams’ killer moves aren’t the only reason to tune in to her record-breaking matches. The 23-time Grand Slam winner has been a Nike ambassador since 2008, and one thing we’ve come to expect from her is anything-but-ordinary outfits. Who can forget the leopard print dress, the pink form-fitting blazer, and the black catsuit with red waistband?

That statement-making streak is set to continue at the upcoming US Open, where, it was just announced, she will wear pieces designed by Virgil Abloh for Nike.

Fittingly titled “Queen,” the collection features two one-shoulder dresses with a tutu skirt, a leather jacket for off-the-court activities, a bag and three sneaker styles. Abloh has collaborated with Nike on several footwear collections since last year, but this is first foray into activewear with the brand, and he brings his streetwear sensibility (as well as signature typography) to the process while at the same time staying true to Williams’ sports persona.

“What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse,” Abloh said in a brand statement. “So the dress is feminine, but combines her aggression. It’s partially revealing. It’s asymmetrical. It has a sort of ballerina-esque silhouette to symbolize her grace. It’s not about bells and whistles and tricks. It’s just about it living on the body, and expressing Serena’s spirit with each swing of the racket.”

As we know from studying Williams’ tennis court appearances over the years, she favours outfits that highlight her strength and agility without compromising on style and femininity, which is precisely what Abloh achieved with the “Queen” collection.

“When I first tried on the dress, I felt very strong and feminine at the same time. It has all of the really strong elements from the leather to that really cool stretchy material,” Williams told Vogue. “I felt so feminine in the tutu which is probably my favourite part of it. It really embodies what I always say: that you can be strong and beautiful at the same time.”

It’s something Williams sure knows a whole lot about.